Lake Management

Information for BIP Homeowners and Residents about what is required to manage the lake and its natural resources

State and local laws regulate shoreline protection and water usage. Common courtesy and neighborly behavior makes lake life fun and memorable. We have listed a few Do's and Don'ts that could make lake-living more enjoyable for everyone. Check out links to local and state organizations.
Here are a few reminders:

  • Rinse your boat's motor and trailer before using in another lake or launching a boat in BIP.
  • Dispose of weeds AWAY from the lake so they do not wash back in and regrow.
  • Slow to minimum wake when passing sailboats, canoes and kayaks.
  • Know the location of your septic system and leaching area.
  • Inspect your septic tank yearly; if sludge and surface scum combine as a thick 1/3 of the liquid depth of your tank, have the tank pumped out.
  • Seek alternatives to dishwashing products containing phosphorus and bathroom cleaning products contain chlorine.
  • Leave stumps and vegetation along water's edge to minimize erosion.
  • Be courteous of your neighbors. Avoid loud activities before 9am or after 9PM.
  • Dump sand into the lake.
  • Flush toxic materials such as paint thinner, pesticides or chlorine into your septic system.
  • Flush bulky items such as disposable diapers or sanitary items into the septic system.
  • Bathe, wash animals, use soap of any kind or relieve yourself in the lake.
  • Use high-phosphorus fertilizers near the shoreline.
  • Dump leaves or grass in or around the lake.
  • Throw cigarette butts, empty cans or trash of any kind in the lake.
  • Shoot fireworks at or from boats.
  • Spill gas in or near the lake.
  • Use driveway salt. Conductivity levels in BIP are rising and this is a key contributor.
  • DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS! It is returned into the lake as pollution and they start depending on others for their food.