C & D Eco-Harvester Q&A

Questions asked by BIPC:

  1. Has C&D used the Eco-Harvester to specifically remove Spiny Naiad?
  2. If so what lakes?
  3. What are the results for returning plants the next growing season?
  4. During the harvesting process how do you collect the small seeds on the spiny Naiad Plant?
  5. Do you coordinate and obtain any permits required with the State

Good morning , here’s the answer to your questions:

1 No we have never been asked to specifically get spiny naiad. I know we have pulled it but it was not specifically what we were going for

2 I’ll see if I can find some pics of lakes where we pulled the spiny naiad and get you the names

3 Its so hard to say when or if the harvested weeds will come back. We have found its like weeding your garden. The more we do it the less we have to do it. The first time is always the longest then, in subsequent years the working time is greatly reduced

4 As long as we pull the weeds before the plant begins to break down and go back to seed the fragmentation is minimal. The harvesters pull, by pulling they create a wave action that brings the plant material up the conveyor 

5 We do not obtain the permits. If a permit is needed the customer/municipality gets them. We have rarely needed permits. The reason I’ve been told is that we are not disturbing the soil at all. The states we have worked in allow you to pull the weeds, as long as you are not dredging or suction harvesting. Our equipment is eco friendly, it is off gas above the water line. Even the hydraulic oil is eco friendly. 

I hope this helps, our process is very non discriminant. Whatever is there we pull it. The only thing we have not had much luck with is lilly pads. The lillys break off about 3 ft down, the roots systems on those are just too hardy. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks again