Water Level Management on BIP

WATER DRAW DOWN  begins traditionally on OCTOBER 12th 

Thank you to the volunteers for their assistance with minor landscape maintenance around the Dam property.  Dam maintenance traditionally is scheduled in mid - to late October post Draw down.  Bring your gloves, clippers, chainsaws and meet your BIP neighbors. Coffee & Donuts are usually available.  Call Ken with questions 553-5224.

Big Island Pond's Water Level is Regulated

Part of Big Island Pond Corporation's charter is to monitor and regulate the water level of Big Island Pond. This is done at the dam located at the end of Escumbuit Road in Derry, where our water empties into the Spicket River and downstream into Arlington Pond in Salem.

Our water level is checked and tracked on a regular basis by a BIPC representative, who works closely with the State of NH and Salem's Department of Public Works to coordinate and regulate water flow. We try our best to keep our pond at a consistent level of 8.5 feet as measured at the dam. However, Mother Nature occasionally has other ideas.  No one can accurately predicting the timing, duration, and intensity of rain storms, and we appreciate your understanding that water levels will vary over the course of a season.

Each Fall, the dam is opened slowly to lower the lake.  This allows us to perform necessary dam maintenance activities and gives residents, who have secured proper permits, a chance to make repairs to their walls, docks, and other properties.  Lowering of the water also offers a measure of weed control if plants are exposed to sustained periods of hard Winter freezes.

In the Spring, the dam is closed after the ice melts, and Big Island Pond refills with water from underground springs and upstream brooks.

Approximately two weeks after the dam is opened in the Fall, volunteers perform annual maintenance on and around the dam. Residents, families, and friends are welcome to participate and learn more about the maintenance process.  If you're interested in helping, call Kenny Heinrich at 603.553.5224 or contact your Area Director for more information.