Become a BIPC Shareholder

If you own property on Big Island Pond or have a deeded right of way, you are entitled to be a shareholder in the Big Island Pond Corporation (a non-profit corporation). We own the dam, the land between the low-and-high water marks, the water flowage rights and the fisherman’s access.

Your property is an extremely important investment. By becoming a shareholder, you will meet other concerned property owners around the lake. You will have the opportunity to take part in the decisions affecting the lake and your investment. Voting shares give you a voice in the management, protection, and control of the water rights and water level of Big Island Pond. Shares are $50 and property owners may buy up to four voting shares. Each share has one vote. With the purchase of 2 shares, you will also receive a free aerial photograph of Big Island Pond.

Shares also entitle you to receive periodic newsletters and mailings to keep you abreast of various issues that affect the lake and its surrounding watershed.

For more information about how to become a voting member of the Big Island Pond Corporation, call Noreen Mercier, Registrar (603-560-4871)

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