Dam Report

The dam was opened partially on Monday, October 12th at 4:00 pm. Ken had two helpers this year. The water level is at 6’ 2. We have lost a foot since opening the dam on Monday. Dam maintenance is scheduled for next Saturday, October 24 at 9:00am. Coffee and donuts will be provided. There will be some small leaks patched with cement, and the grounds need some clean up. Bring your gloves, rakes, and trimmers.

There are 4-5 trees that are hanging over the dam. One tree has already fallen on the fence. One of the trees is fairly large and will require a crane.

Motion to spend $500 to fix the fence that a tree fell on once all work has been completed at the dam. All agreed.

Motion to spend up to $4200 for removal of trees overhanging the dam, in addition to obtaining a total of three quotes. All Agreed.