Long-Term Management Plan

The purposes of this exotic aquatic plant management and control plan are:

1. To identify and describe the historic and current exotic aquatic infestation(s) in the waterbody;
2. To identify short-term and long-term exotic aquatic plant control goals;
3. To minimize any adverse effects of exotic aquatic plant management strategies on non-target species;
4. To recommend exotic plant control actions that meet the goals outlined in this plan; and
5. To evaluate control practices used in this waterbody over time to determine if they are meeting the goals outlined in this plan.

This plan also summarizes the current physical, biological, ecological, and chemical components of the subject waterbody as they may relate to both the exotic plant infestation and recommended control actions, and the potential social, recreational and ecological impacts of the exotic plant infestation.

The intent of this plan is to establish an adaptive management strategy for the long-term control of the target species in the subject waterbody, using an integrated plant management approach.

The Plan can be viewed on the Weed Management Tab

Weed Management