Narrowing of the treatment area

Fellow BIP Residents,

Some residents have reached out regarding their concerns about the narrowing of the treatment footprint on Aug 4th.  We completely understand the concerns voiced. In fact, we share those concerns and took the initiative to voice them with Amy Smagula from NH DES when we were advised of the adjustments made to the treatment areas.

Unfortunately, we were informed that the while the areas were surveyed multiple times, nothing was seen during the surveys to warrant treatment, hence the smaller treatment footprint.  Early resident sightings, coupled with State confirmation are critical to treatment area mapping and a timely permit process.  

We were advised that once an area has been removed from the map it cannot be added back even if it was part of the initial permit application.  It is our belief that the various notifications to other state offices & abutters may be contributing factors preventing the permitting process from being as agile as we would like.

We empathize with the frustration and disappointment, as we had hoped for a more favorable outcome as well.

Please know, that we are committed in our efforts to combat invasives, while finding the best possible solutions and preserve the health of our lake.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.