Special Board Of Directors Meeting

As a results of the executive board meeting on January 10th, a special meeting was scheduled on January 13th with the Board of Directors. During this meeting, the board discussed the 2021 weed management program and the recommendation from the state to include herbicides to control the outbreak of Spiny Naiad. Two important motions were approved.

Motion 1: BIPC’s board of directors recommend the acceptance of the state’s recommended weed management program, which includes the use of herbicides, as proposed by NH DES, pending the approval of the second motion.

Motion 2: Send out ballots to all shareholders. Ballots shall be mailed to all shareholders. Ballots shall include the recommendation of the board of directors of BIPC for a vote. Ballots must be returned 30 days after being postmarked. Returned ballots not postmarked by 30 days after being mailed out shall be voted on per the board’s recommendation.