Spiny Naiad Update

Benthic barriers are laid down in Blueberry circle cove in the hopes to create “boating channel” for residents to leave Blueberry circle cove and minimize fragmentation. Heavy fragmentation seen in cove by residents.
NH DES provides fragmentation barriers and “Restricted Access” buoys for Blueberry circle cove.
BIPC volunteers build & deploy additional fragmentation barriers for Turtle Island, Taylor and Drew brooks (new spiny naiad infestations identified by residents and confirmed by divers)
AB Aquatics continues to survey lake for spiny naiad and harvest variable milfoil.
Blueberry circle residents continue to monitor growth and raise awareness.
Fisherman are put on notice their fishing keys will be revoked if found in restricted access areas.
BIPC Weed Management gathers data regarding Spiny Naiad management from Three Ponds Protective Association (other NH Spiny Naiad infestation) and their vendor NE Milfoil.