Upcoming Spiny Naiad Treatment

Big Island Pond herbicide treatment will occur on Friday Aug 4 by Solitude Lake Management using a fan boat. Our 2023 herbicide treatment area is just under 31 acres compared to the 80+ acres mentioned in the initial permit application. After multiple surveys by the state and BIP, we have the below treatment map.

As expected, treatment areas include our inlets, coves and the outlet of BIP. With the seemingly never-ending rain this summer, our native plant life has made it a challenge to differentiate the invasive spiny naiad from our multiple native naiads.

Please note: the most recent abutter notices show a slightly bigger footprint than what will be treated. Treatment areas were adjusted to mirror confirmed growth seen by NH DES survey work done in July.

Below you will find the temporary water use restrictions for anyone with intakes 200ft of a treatment area, drawing water for drinking or irrigation purposes and to all wells and points with 50 feet of the treated areas:

Restriction time post treatment 
6 hours No swimming within 200 ft of treated area within 200 ft of treated area
1 day No water for livestock/domestic animal consumption within 200 ft of treated area
3 days No water for drinking, irrigation or mixing sprays for turf or landscape ornamental plants
5 days No irrigation for food crops mixing sprays for agricultural or production ornamental plants